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Diet drug Fen Phen has been marketed under the names Pondimin, Redux, Fenfluramine, and Dexfenfluramine. The once popular diet drug caused serious health complications, that were the direct result of taking the drug and have led to a nationwide class action. There is still time to opt-out of the class action and individually pursue a lawsuit. If you have taken Fen Phen and have suffered the serious side effects associated to the drug, contact us.


Patients suffering from Primary Pulmonary Hypertension (PPH) caused by Fen-Phen are NOT involved in the Nationwide Class Action Settlement Agreement with American Home Products. PPH patients must file independent lawsuits to make legal claims. To learn your legal rights, please contact us and speak with a PPH Lawyer for lawsuit information!


Deadline: It is urgent that you know about the deadlines you face to participate in the settlement. Echocardiograms must be completed by December 2002. The deadline for your decision about whether to opt out or remain in the settlement is May, 2003. Keep in mind that substantial time-consuming work locating prescription and medical records and testing must be completed as soon as possible to be able to make an informed decision regarding whether to opt out. Therefore, time is of the essence.  


A large percentage of former Fen Phen users are now suffering heart damage, including valvular heart disease. Symptoms of these serious heart diseases are sometimes conspicuous, leading to a delayed diagnosis.

The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania approved a Nationwide Class Action Settlement Agreement with American Home Products Corporation. Anyone who has taken the diet drugs Fen Phen, Redux, and Pondimin can receive compensation and benefits due to the harmful effects the drugs caused. The monetary compensation that is available to certain former Fen Phen users is more than one million dollars. Individuals not part of the class action have received even larger compensations. Anyone wishing to opt-out of the class action can still do so at this time.

Our team of experienced attorneys can help recover the damages you are entitled to when you contact us.

Fenfluramine and dexfenfluramine (Fen Phen) are no longer marketed or contain FDA labels in the U.S. after studies began to show the deadly health complications the diet drug causes in 1997. A 1997 study conducted by the Mayo Clinic found 30% of Fen Phen users in their study had developed heart valve problems that can lead to heart failure and death.

Fen Phen manufacturer American Home Products (AHP) owned rights to market and sell the diet drug, which made knowledge of the research and the Adverse Drug Experience reports on Fen Phen available. Despite knowing about the serious health complications Fen Phen cause they continued to make Fen Phen available to the public and failed to properly warn patients. Now the drug company has agreed to a large payout to Fen Phen users as a result of the large number of patients diagnosed with heart damage, like primary pulmonary hypertension.

The Fen Phen Settlement that became final on January 11, 2002 has a claim deadline of August 2002.

Manufacturer of Fen Phen, American Home Products has agreed to a global settlement of claims and has created a settlement fund in order to resolve the large number of claims due to the Primary Pulmonary Hypertension the diet drug causes. Although the amount of money that American Home Products has agreed to has been increased due to the increasing amount of people that have been diagnosed with heart disease complications, the ability to opt-out of the class action can allow individuals to a greater sum of money.

To speak with an expert Fen Phen attorney, contact us.

Although the payout may appear ample, the conditions and health effects Fen Phen has caused so many of the diet drug users has created so many problems that AHP had to increase the sum of money in the payout. People have been experiencing worsening conditions due to Fen Phen and the ability to opt-out of the class action and individually pursue a lawsuit with our team of experienced attorneys can help ensure you receive the amount of compensation you are entitled to for the pain and suffering Fen Phen has caused. Contact Us


Fen Phen Lawsuit

When Fen Phen first appeared on the shelves it was an instant success in terms of popularity. Unfortunately, the wonder diet drug was not everything people had hoped because in September 1997 Fen Phen was withdrawn from the market. Read More . . .

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